Sunday, September 2, 2007

Year of David beating Goliath?

This year definitely started with an underdog pulling out some magic over a juggernaut, with Boise State knocking down Oklahoma, using everything but the kitchen sink to do it. Then, just yesterday, the little college that could, Appalachian State, did what was thought impossible...they beat 5th ranked Michigan.


This was a fantastic game, where the App. State Mountaineers refused to listen to talk that they were a warm up game, where they had no chance of winning, where they should just feel happy about being there. Appalachian state did not heed these claims but rather came to play and with righteous indignation for being overlooked and belittled they felled a giant and went home, with their heads held high.

Well, being a third party candidate I am going up against Michigan like opposition in the Democrat and Republican candidates. The two old parties are so entrenched in the mindset of people that they give little heed to the fact that they have a choice. Finally, a choice that doesn't include the term "lesser of two evils" but rather is the best choice. The choice that allows for people to be free; with both their money and their lives. It is time that the city of Pittsburgh learns the lesson of little Appalachian State and vote for the best choice, the one with heart, the one people can cheer for and the one...deep down...they are really pulling for. It is time for a Libertarian Mayor. is the best of things...Boise State had it, so did Appalachian it is Pittsburgh's turn...hope comes with change.

Vote Tony Oliva November 6th and continue the year of the Underdog.