Sunday, November 4, 2007


And down the stretch they come.

I haven't been able to keep very current with this blog and I apologize for that. What I have been doing is spending about 10 hours a day going door to door throughout the neighborhoods of this city and taking my message directly to the people.

In this city and in this country there has grown a widening disconnect between the politicians and the public. Politicians get so encapsulated in their own little world with blinders on that they forget that their job is to serve the people. The voters and the taxpayers of this city are the real bosses and as such they should be treated like the bosses. I have resolved that, when elected mayor, I will spend one week a month going door to door around the city getting the people's direct opinions, concerns, questions, etc so that I can be a better mayor and that the city can benefit everyone, not just the rich who have money to burn on campaign contributions.

I can understand why people don't trust politicians; you usually only see them at election time or a photo opportunity. Well, when I started this campaign I promised that I wouldn't be a politician...I would just be the man my father raised me to be and try my best to do a good job. I don't think that the voters can ask for more, or deserve any less. It's long passed due that we had a person in office that put the citizens of Pittsburgh's needs ahead of his own.

I believe that I am that person. With that being said, I need your help to do it. The 2 old parties have their big money, political machine, dirty tactics and all the like; I have the common sense and belief of the citizens of this city. I now call on you all to give me your effort as well. I am only one man and if I could go to 200,000 houses I would win this election in a landslide but I can't. I need help from those who I have had the opportunity to talk to, who have seen the promise in my ideas and the gauged the strength of my character to go out and tell some people about me. Tell them to go and check my website and to come and read this blog. The old parties want to try and silence me because they are afraid that I will do everything I say when I am elected mayor and they see their power base threatened because of it. I don't care about power bases or inter-party politics. What I care about is the well being and prosperity of the city and its people.

If you believe in my vision for the city and believe that I am the man to make it happen I humbly ask that you call up a friend, family member, coworker who may be undecided, who may have given up on voting, who may just vote for a party out of reflex and tell them a little about me.

When elected I will not have a political machine pulling my strings, I will not have special interest contributors to pay back or any favors to return...I am going door to door and taking my message directly to the people so that when elected, the only people I have to repay, are the good people of this city who elected me.

Believe in me and I will save this city. Help me, and so will you!