Friday, October 26, 2007

Fighting back

Once again it seems as if the self fulfilling prophecy strikes at me. Allow me to explain, on Saturday I was to be in a debate with Luke Ravenstahl and Mark DeSantis on PCTV21. Emphasis on the was. They both backed out and the debate was cancelled. Oh, they are still having a debate between the two of them but I am, as of yet, not invited.

It gets pretty frustrating when the media tries to influence an election so strongly. You see, they say I have no legitimate shot so they exclude me...but in truth they exclude me and thus try to negate any shot that I would have. Hence my using the term, Self Fulfilling Prophecy. If the media was fair and didn't treat the voting public as cattle to be led about on a leash then they would have me at these debates and let the voters decide who should be the next mayor of Pittsburgh. As it stands right now, they are trying an end around the democratic process. And let us not leave out my two opponents, they could simply say, lets have the Libertarian debate with us but they don't. Why? Because they don't want to lose votes. Luke is afraid I'll take the young demographic and socially moderate while DeSantis thinks I am going to take the fiscally minded and overtaxed demographic.

Funny thing is, they're both right. I am going to cut your taxes, I am going to promote diversity and equity, I am going to stay out of your personal lives and I am going to do it all honestly and openly and apparently no one in the media or politics wants me to get my voice out to tell you.

That's fine. If they are going to try and silence me on the airwaves then I am going to take it to the street, directly to the people. I have 12 days and I am going to go door to door, have town hall meetings, say hello on the street and try and shake 20,000 hands before all is said and done because the one person who can actually save this city from the Politically and Bureaucratic nightmare it currently is embroiled in, is the one those with an affinity to the status quo are trying to silence.

The media is trying to shepard you into a boxcar where they can dictate to you for whom you should vote. Don't let them, have your voice heard loud and clear on November 6th. Make a difference, the time for change has come, it may never come again. Tell a friend about me...tell a dozen. This election is the chance you have been waiting for to have your vote really mean something. This city is begging, crying and screaming for a change and I am the one who can provide that change. Honest and open government, low taxes, individual freedoms...but I need YOUR help. We all have been trampled on long enough. Its time to send out a message, loud and proud, we are the voters and taxpayers of Pittsburgh...and we are the boss!

Tell people about me, get them to look over my website, you can make a difference for the future.