Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Something I learned from Ghandi

So I was watching the movie "Gandhi" last night that stars the incomparable Ben Kingsley. For those of you who haven't seen it, it is an incredible film and Kingsley's deserved his Academy Award for his portrayal.

But it is not about the movie that I want to bring up but rather something Gandhi said during the movie. On his march to the sea in order to make salt, thus denying the British monopoly on salt, a reporter asked Gandhi about the Brit's power to stop him. His response, to paraphrase, is that "they (the British) do not have the power, we (the Indians) have the power".

When I heard this it brought me back to the relationship between our government and the voters operate. The system is set up to give US, the voter, the power but it seems as if the government has forgotten that and so they continue to tax us and spend out money in anyway they choose.

I hear all the time how people are disinterested or apathetic or forlorn about how the government runs and they think they are powerless. That is not the case. We do not have to march to the sea to make salt, or home spin our own clothes to prove the point that the governments power to take from us is not absolute. We are given the power to vote. The power that even the most unscrupulous politician must bend to.

Remember this, the power for change, the power for a better future, the power to cast of the chains of taxed oppression rests with you. Use this power wisely, cast your vote and decide to stop the governments flippant treatment of those who are truly in charge...the voter.

The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming election is this Saturday, Oct. 6th. If you need to register to vote go to:


In the upper left corner is a "register to vote" box, fill in the information, print out the form and mail it in. If you've lived here for 30 days and you have an address (dorm, apartment, house) then you are allowed to register to vote. Use this power for a positive change...the time is now.