Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Check check...one two...

Tonight I am participating in my first debate. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette Editorial Staff is hosting the event the the Heinz Historical Center at 1212 Smallman Street from 7 - 8:30 pm. It's open to the public if anyone has any interest in hearing me speak.

I think it is going to be very interesting, I finally get to face the opposition in open combat...verbal combat of course. If you cannot make it to the debate tonight I believe that it will soon be available via podcast. A link from my website tonyforpittsburgh.com will connect you to it once it comes out.

I wonder if the politico's will be able to wrap their heads around the honest man's language with the common man's ideals. For far too long has this city been in the hands of the political machine of self preservation, at the cost of the city's vitality and growth. I plan on bringing this to the forefront of the consciousness of the voter's and by doing so awaken them from their lethargic apathy of politics so that real change can finally take place.

Our City doesn't need to be in a constant state of bankruptcy.
We don't need to be taxed so oppressively.
We don't need to be closing activities for the youth in order to save a quick buck.
We don't need to be sheeple, being led by the crook of politicians.
We don't have to pick the lesser of two evils.
We don't have to blindly accept the status quo.
We don't have to settle at all...we are hard working pittsburgher's and we deserve better.
There is a choice...there is a voice of sanity in the madness...his name is Tony Oliva.

Footnote- def. Sheeple: A group of people following blindly and never questioning their leaders.