Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I hate phone radio interviews

Why? There is just something difficult about speaking to someone who I can't look eye to eye with. I prefer person to person communication with a eye contact and a firm handshake. The more we get away from that the more disconnected we become with each other. It is that disconnect that messes me up with phone interviews from time to time.

What am I speaking about specifically? Well, I gave a phone interview to Fred Honsberger today. I should have sensed the foreboding when I was put on hold and heard the "VOTE DESANTIS" commercial I had to listen to before going on the air. Fred seemed all right but I kind of got the feeling like he was rushing me along. That's fine, it's his show, but I never felt like I got across what I really wanted to say.

For example, he asked me to list some of the government waste that I refer to in my campaign. I brought up the unnecessary expenditures made for the under river tunnel project. I know the county is putting up the money (Fred still reminded me the city isn't paying anything out of pocket anyways - which isn't true...depending on who "the city" is) but my point was that it does cost the city. We pay county taxes, the county is wasting money in Pittsburgh, hence the citizens of the city suffer. The "city" is the taxpayer and when the taxpayers money is wasted it is the city's fault. That was my point though I fear I came across as uneducated on the entire matter.

My overall point, along those lines, is that the Mayor has to stop letting the city of Pittsburgh be a doormat for other politicians to push projects down our throats. There are better ways to spend those hundred of millions of dollars than building a hole in the ground. We have Police and Fire Departments to better fund, bridges to maintain, schools to improve...we can do a lot instead of just burying taxpayers dollars in a hole being built for a casino we didn't want in the first place. The Isle of Capri plan came with a free arena for the Penguins...yet some Harrisburg pencil pushers made Pittsburgh bend over and take the North Shore plan. Any protest from City Hall? Nope. But the taxpayers have to foot the bill for a new arena. Fair? Hardly.

But lets talk about the youth of Pittsburgh for a minute; I brought up after school programs on Fred's show and he quickly reminded me that schools don't fall under city jurisdiction. Thanks Fred...but just because I say after school program that doesn't mean that it has to be school related. Too often after the last bell the children of this city are sent back to empty homes. Parents working to make ends meet aren't always there to guide their kids and give them things to do. When kids are left to their own devices often times they will find their own brand of mischief. When I speak of after school programs I speak of staffing parks with people who can organize sports. Workshops where kids can come to read or build things or whatever it takes in order to give them something productive to do. I understand schools and teachers are stretched thin but there is a huge vacuum that needs to be filled and I would love to work with the great non-profits of the city in order to fill it.

Fred just seemed to like pointing out what a political neophyte I am. It's fine that he all ready made his choice in DeSantis but I never shied away from proving people wrong.

Though I have better explained here what I was trying to get across on his show, I am not trying to say I do not make mistakes...lord knows I do and I will, but I am not afraid to admit them and face the consequences they hold. A trait that is too rarely found in the world of politics. If being a political neophyte keeps me this way then I am ok with that...and deep should you :o)