Thursday, October 18, 2007

AM in the A.M

I just finished (about an hour or so ago) my first in studio radio interview at KQV with Elaine Effort. I think it went very well. It goes to strengthen my own sense that talking to someone face to face is a much better form of communicating than over the phone or via email.

Elaine asked the standard questions: who I was, why I was running etc.

She also asked about what it is to be a Libertarian and I told her of my stance of small government with low taxes and an onus on the government keeping out of the people's personal affairs.

Then she asked what the first thing I would do when I got into office. I especially liked this question because it hearkens directly back to why I am running in the first place. My first act would be to eliminate the occupation tax. People should be encouraged to work, not penalized for it. And if the Mayor, city council and all the appointed officials in city government need to take a hefty pay cut in order to eliminate this oppressive and originally "temporary" tax, than so be it. I'm ok with that...and I'm pretty sure most Pittsburghers are too.