Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Minor doesn't mean loser

Being a "minor" or third party candidate has its added disadvantages than do the two old parties. I have no campaign war chest brimming with donations and I do not have a small army of staff that they may have. The bloggers don't tell DeSantis he shouldn't be in the debate because he has no chance of winning.

I see the attempt to minimize and marginalize both my efforts and my campaign and I can't quite understand why. Fortunately for me, I also don't care to understand their misguided and myopic vision of politics.

Thankfully, it is not the media or the bloggers or the naysayers that will have the final word on the matter. I am not running for Mayor in order to help them but rather to help all Pittsburgher's. I am going to bring vitality and strength back to this city with a straight shooting candor and with promises that can be taken to the bank. I am beholden to no special interest save for the best interests of the citizens of this burgh. And though some may say that my campaign is Don Quixotic in nature, let em, I have never been afraid of a windmill. Some may say that it is a David vs. 2 Goliaths...well, I have a sling built on conviction and the stones I hurl are made of truth and innovations. New ideas will save the city and I am the one to bring them forward.

Of course, in order for the brighter tomorrow I need your help. I need your belief and faith in me. I know that is asking a lot but I am the best person for the job and I can win. Do not listen to those bloggers or the intelligentsia that tell you who can and can't win. Don't let them decide for you. That decision is in each and every one of your hands. I believe that I can win...I wouldn't be in this race if I didn't...Believe it to and with your vote we can change Pittsburgh for the better.