Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Check check...one two...PART 2

So I had the debate tonight. All in all I think it went quite well though I must admit I was a bit nervous in the beginning, though that soon passed. Also, I wasn't as polished as my Republican and Democratic opponents, though I think I still made the points I wanted to make.

The highlights can be found here:


You can also listen to the entire audio version of the debate from the Post gazette website. I made a few good points on the need for Non-Profits who make over 500 Million Dollars to give a little back to the city. Also, I touched on the benefit and the need for younger Pittsburgher's to remain in the city, for all Pittsburger's.

I appreciate all the support from the audience and the well wishes they gave me after the forum was completed. I would also like to thank the Post Gazette for including me in the forum.