Thursday, August 16, 2007

Act 47...take two

I was reading over Act 47 and how it is supposedly going to save the city. It's all well and good until a fire breaks out...then we have to do we call when there are no firefighters? I sat in on a city council meeting a few weeks ago and listened while some Harrisburg pencil pushers hemmed and hawed around answering anybody's question directly about how Act 47 was going and when they (the Act 47 number crunchers) would be done. I can tell you I wasn't the least bit surprised when they sidestepped any real answer. What bureaucrat with a cushy job wants to give it up? Don't get me wrong, I do believe that Act 47's premise that cuts need to be made is a valid one. I do question WHERE some of the cuts come from, though. Of all the fat and wasteful spending the city currently has, with no sign of stopping anytime soon, do we really need to put lives in jeopardy by sandbagging firefighters? Am I to understand that all the pet projects of Mayor Ravenstahl are more necessary than ensuring the lives of the city? Am I getting too dramatic? Answer: No. Firefighters are heroes. My cousin was a firefighter and responded on 9/11 in New York City. What others run from, they run to. Hero's come in many forms...and sometimes they ride in big red trucks waving axes.

I see that I am getting off the point. The point is that WE...the city of Pittsburgh, and not some Harrisburg oversight committee knows what is best for our city and we do not need them to baby us into doing it. The time has come for someone to stand up and do what is right by the people...and it's time for the people to stand up and vote for him. I am in need of your support, and by proxy, the city of Pittsburgh needs you to make a stand with me.

Besides, last time we let Harrisburg decide something we lost a free arena for the Penguin's and now have a casino being placed in a family oriented area. I'm sure the kids can learn about physics at the Carnegie Science Center and then can use their skills to try and beat the roulette wheel. Only slots you say? Yeah...for now.