Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcoming the youth back to the 'burgh

I had the good fortune, yesterday, of meeting a great number of returning and new students at the University of Pittsburgh's activities fair. Many of you reading this now may have first heard of me when I introduced myself and gave you a card, I appreciate you reading it and not having it make a b-line to the garbage. Overall it was a good turnout, my table was placed between the Pitt Democrats and the Pitt Republicans...I would say ironic but I think that it was more fitting than anything else. As my friend Nick says, "libertarians take the best parts of the Republicans and the Democrats and leaves the rest out".

At the end of every summer I am very enthused to see so many people returning to the city but it is a half-life of enthusiasm. I say this because it is much like trying to enjoy a Sunday night in high school; it's still the weekend yet Monday looms ominously over the next sunrise. So is it with the influx of students in the city. They come here, get a fine education from one of the many quality Universities that Pittsburgh has to offer, be it Pitt, CMU, Duquesne, Carlow, Chatham etc. only to be forced to leave when they graduate in order to find a decent enough job. And it is not only jobs that need to be found but also a lifestyle conducive to a young graduate student who is too old to go to a local dive bar and too young to get married. As my previous post states, the government is trying to limit the opportunities vital to make Pittsburgh an appealing place to live for young people. It's about time that someone spoke for ALL Pittsburgher's and not just those who are pro-bankruptcy, pro-tunnel, pro-walking bridge, pro-golf tournament and every other pro that should be thrown aside so the real work of improving the city can begin.

In the youth of the city I see hope and I will not cheat them in order to gain the appearance of improvement or cater to special interests at the cost of this city's future. If Pittsburgh is to survive, if it is to keep the youth that it nurtures in the embrace of education, then it needs to give them a home that they want to stay in. We do this by cutting venue taxes so more concerts come, we cut corporate tax so more businesses will return, we promote a more lively and entertaining night life so one doesn't have to try so hard to find something to do. Jobs will get them to stay in the city, fun will make them love it.

If anyone is interesting in helping me get elected, feel free to email me at but even if you don't want to "get involved", if you like what I have to say and if you believe in the vision I have for this city then tell a friend of two. I am not a juggernaut politico powerhouse, I do not have the bankroll of the GOP or the Dems, I'm just an honest man, making a stand, doing the best he can. I would appreciate the help.