Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On the Airwaves

Funny how an easy going guy who wants to change how government operates is such a news story all of a sudden. I received a phone call from Blake who wanted to do a radio interview with me. He asked if it was a good time. Silly me, never one to keep anyone waiting and being someone who tends to tilt when he should withdraw, said sure (mind you I was in East Liberty with buses and traffic flying by). Anyhow, I feel less confident about this interview than I did about the Post Gazette one. Hopefully I didn't come across too convoluted. I really wanted to get my points across and I think I did. Less bureaucracy equals less taxes. Unfortunately, I don't think I made it clear enough that less bureaucracy does not mean cutting the legs out from under Pittsburgh's Bravest and Finest. I firmly believe that those who risk their lives daily, deserve MORE support than they are currently getting. Therefore, some of the fat that gets cut out of the city will go to bolster and support the departments that are the thin line between living our lives and losing them.