Saturday, August 25, 2007

Prohibition Lite

Why is the governments answer to everything, taxation and limitation? In case you haven't heard, this has been a hard fought year for the hospitality industry (that's a euphemism for bars and clubs). Between smoking ban legislation, bar saturation bills and now a 10% drink tax to be voted on in December, it has been a long fight for many small businessmen who are trying to run their businesses they best they can. When will government realize that capitalism flourishes when the government does LESS to interfere with the process? Between the oppression tax and the limit on capitalism, the government is trying to impose a softer touch of prohibition. One where it prohibits a legal business to run as the owner sees fit, where the government prohibits the market from figuring out its own solubility, where the government prohibits the people from their own free choice on how to run their lives.

Do not be fooled my friends, Prohibition may start with alcohol, but who is to say it will end there?